Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What if I need to extend my rental agreement? Are there additional charges that apply to extending? Learn More


If you wish to extend your rental, you must contact us on or before your scheduled return date, to have an extension successfully completed. You can either submit an online request at or call the phone number on your rental contract. A service extension fee will apply and your original per day rental rate may change. If within 7 hours of your original scheduled return time you don’t call to extend your rental, a late fee will apply.

How do I speak with a live person? Please call us at (901) 398-8888 or email us.

QUESTION: Does my own insurance protect me in the event of an accident? Learn More


Given the vast number of insurers and policies, it is extremely difficult for us to know which entitlements accompany your given policy. We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify your coverages before renting a car. In the event you do not have proper protection, Budget sells a variety of protection coverages for your rental.

Learn more about the types of coverages that you’ll be offered when you reserve online or pick up your vehicle. (Prohibited used of the rental vehicles will void optional coverage protections.)

QUESTION: What kinds of credentials will I need to present when I pick up my rental? Learn More


Generally, the following credentials are required to release a rental to you:

Driver’s License Requirements:
- Every customer must present a valid state issued driver’s license that includes photo identification.
- Military Extensions are honored as per the restrictions or limitations each issuing state allows.
- Foreign licenses (any license issued outside of the U.S.) are acceptable as long as it can be determined that the document presented is a valid driver’s license and must be accompanied by a valid passport. An International Driving Permit (IDP) issued in a country other than the U.S. will be accepted as an English translation of a foreign license. An IDP is not valid without the accompanying foreign license.

We will not accept a photocopy, electronic copy, fax or ticket in lieu of physical license in hand.

“Deposit” Credential Requirements
The preferred second required credential is a major credit card. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. The card must be presented at the time of rental. It must have the renter’s name embossed and we must be able to obtain the full amount of authorization at time of rental.

At the time of rental, we will require a credit card hold of $80 plus total estimated charges plus one additional day of estimated rental charges, fees and taxes or minimum of $300.00, whichever is greater. Some specialty vehicles may require a different hold amount; contact the location for the required amount.

Budget Memphis locations will accept a bank-issued check/debit card instead of a credit card, please refer to the additional requirements indicated in the “Bank-Issued Check/Debit Card User Instructions”. Prepaid charge/debit or gift cards are not an acceptable form of identification at rental pick up but may be used for payment at car return.

NOTE: All forms of required identification MUST include a name and address and MUST match the name and address on the renter’s driver’s license.

QUESTION: What is your policy regarding credit/debit cards? Learn More


Credit Card – We gladly accept a variety of different credit cards. The card must be present at the time of rental. It must have the renter’s name embossed, and we must be able to obtain the full amount of the authorization at time of rental. In the event of a decline, the card cannot be run again for a full 24 hours. The authorization amount depends on the length of the rental. Once you have made the reservation, please contact the pick-up location for the exact authorization amount.

Check/Debit Card–If you prefer to use a bank issued check/debit card rather than a credit card, the card must be presented at the time of rental. It must have the renter’s name embossed and we must be able to charge the full deposit amount needed at the time of rental. If a bank-issued check/debit card is used to secure the rental, we will require the card be charged equal to $80 plus the total estimated charges plus one additional day of estimated rental charges, fees and taxes or a deposit or $300.00, whichever is greater.  Some premium, luxury and specialty vehicles cannot be rented with a bank-issued check/debit card.

For check/debit card customers renting at the airport location, one of the following is acceptable as a third form of identification in addition to a driver’s license and debit card:

  • A round trip ticket, or travel itinerary from the airport of rental, disclosing a return date and showing the renter’s name or a U.S. Military identification card (For Government business rentals only).

For check/debit card customers renting at an off-airport location, the following is acceptable as a third form of identification with the renter’s name and current address printed in addition to a driver’s license and debit card:

Memphis Residents must bring one of the following when using a check/debit card: Current copy (within the last 45 days) of renter’s contracted cellular phone bill, home telephone or utility bill, bank statement (cannot show any negative balance or have a zero beginning or ending balance), mortgage statement, paycheck stub or insurance statement/policy declaration showing their local address and name.

All other renters must present an air travel itinerary including return information (flight #, date, time, renter’s name) in lieu of the additional qualifying documents noted above when using a debit card.

QUESTION: What are the age requirements for renting a car? Learn More


You have to be 25 years old or older to rent a vehicle from Budget Car and Truck Rental of Memphis. If you are at least 21, you are still able to rent, but will pay a Young Adult Driver Fee of $29.00 per day extra. Other requirements and vehicle restrictions may apply.

QUESTION: Do you have a frequent renter reward program? Learn More


Yes, Betterway Rewards is the official frequent renter program of Budget Memphis. For more information, please visit our Frequent Renter page.

QUESTION: Where are you located? What are your business hours? Learn More


We have 8 convenient locations in the Memphis area: Memphis Airport, Midtown/Poplar, East Memphis, Bartlett / Wolfchase, Cordova / Germantown, , Airways,Tupelo Airport and Horn Lake. Please use our locations map to find the location of your choice with a list of that locations business hours.

QUESTION: Why should I book at instead of or online travel agent sites? Learn More


Customers enjoy the lowest available rates, most updated information, and local Memphis specials by reserving on Find out for yourself my visiting our Deals page and signing up for our emails.

QUESTION: Do you require a deposit to rent a vehicle? How much is the deposit? Learn More


Credit and check/debit cards require the same amount of money to be available on the card. There is no difference in the amount that is needed just because it is a credit card or a check/debit card. The minimum amount that we will need is $300.00 or more depending on the length of the rental. If you want to be sure on how much is needed, go ahead and make the reservation, then call us at (901) 398-8888 for the exact amount.

QUESTION: Can someone else drive a car that I rent? Learn More


Yes, with some exceptions and certain restrictions. Add drivers to your rental at the counter when you pick up your car. Drivers must be present with their required credentials to be added. The fee for each additional driver is $15.00 per day.

QUESTION: Is smoking permitted in rental cars? Learn More


No. Budget maintains a 100% smoke-free fleet in the U.S. and Canada, and any type of smoking (pipe, cigarette, cigar) is prohibited in all Budget vehicles. Just as renters are assessed a fee for cleaning the car’s interior for excessive stains, dirt or soiling attributable to the renter’s use, customers will be assessed an additional charge if the car smells of smoke when it is returned.

Rent a Budget car and breathe easy — because our stringent no-smoking policy is your assurance of a 100% smoke-free fleet. Isn’t it nice to know that, in this world of uncertainty, you can always depend on Budget for a clean, well-maintained, fresh-smelling vehicle?  Rent now.

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